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The safest car of 2021 is a Japanese SUV


There are many cars that pass through the Euro NCAP facilities throughout the year, but only a few manage to stand out above the rest. The jump in quality is more than evident since the vast majority of models that undergo the impact tests of this body achieve the highest rating and that is precisely what the Subaru Outback (with European specifications) has done, which has positioned itself as the safest car in 2021.

The safest Subaru of all

The fifth generation of the Japanese model has received excellent marks in the four evaluation areas: adult occupant, child occupant, vulnerable road users (pedestrians and cyclists), and safety assistance, achieving the coveted five stars in the European Evaluation Program of New Cars of 2021 (EuroNCAP). A great success for a brand that has in mind the ambitious goal of reducing to zero, by 2030, the number of traffic accidents with victims in which a Subaru is involved.

After the tests, the Outback has not only positioned itself as the safest Subaru of all those tested by Euro NCAP throughout its history, but it has also achieved the highest evaluation in the child occupant protection test of its segment, with a rating of 89%. In addition, the Japanese SUV is the model with the best score of all the vehicles tested according to the last applicable test in the sections of assistance to the driver and vulnerable road users.

The latest generation of driver assistance technology (EyeSight) is one of the keys to the Subaru Outback.

The most advanced generation

And it is that the Outback has obtained a qualification of 95% in assistance to the driver and an 84% in the protection of pedestrians and cyclists. Regarding the protection of adult occupants, the score achieved was 88%. Much of the blame for these results lies with the Subaru Global Platform, which in this fifth installment received new high-strength steel panels so that the Japanese SUV is now capable of dissipating 40% more energy than the generation previous. In addition, the bodywork has been notably reinforced with a novel interior frame and hinge structure.

Under the hood is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder boxer mechanism, which develops 169 horsepower and a maximum torque of 252 Nm. This block is associated with an automatic gearbox of the CVT type and the well-known symmetric all-wheel-drive system of the Japanese brand.

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