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The security company implanted malicious programs into the hacker's server

This is an accident whose result may make you feel comfortable. After a group of hackers set up a server to provide attack services, the security company discovered a misconfiguration in the source code, causing their own devices to be infected with malicious programs.

Cybersecurity startup Buguard has been fighting hackers since its inception. The company has targeted the group of hackers by exploiting a vulnerability it discovered recently that compromised servers are used by hackers to spread malware and ransomware. TechCrunch pointed out that Buguard has effectively shut down five commands and control (C&C) servers, four of which have been fully compromised.

Buguard recently launched the counterattack after reviewing the source code of the Mars Stealer malware leaked on the Internet. Mars Stealer is a malware-as-a-service platform where hackers can rent server time to carry out attacks.

After Buguard reviewed the source code, it was found that the technical capabilities of these hackers were not up to standard, and the wrong installation instructions were leaked in the code. According to Morphisec, would-be malware operators followed flawed instructions and ended up configuring their C&C servers to inadvertently provide full access (777) to the world. In some cases, the incompetence of would-be hackers resulted in the exposure of "critical assets.

Then the company Buguard came along and they looked at the source code of Mars Stealer and found a bug. The researchers developed an intrusion script for this vulnerability, allowing them to break into C&C servers and eventually take over those servers.

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