The sharp Hyundai Kona N is here and racing tweaks with it


The frightened compact SUV Hyundai got a lot of interesting equipment. The Kona N boasts a 280-horsepower four-cylinder, an advanced slot machine, and several gadgets that will satisfy your sporting ambitions. And that's not all, the Koreans have prepared other toys for you that support a lovely noise or squeak of tires. So 3, 2, 1, start!

Yes, it's here. It has been talked about for years, later speculated, then confirmed, and only now has it been officially revealed. The Hyundai Kona N SUV meets the expectations of modern times and combines practicality with a sports focus. With this cart, you can go shopping comfortably, stack the bags neatly in a suitcase, and then test the durability of the contents on the race track, because you probably can't help but test what a herd of 280 horses can do under the hood.

The supercharged two-liter is identical to that powered by our favorite hot hatch i30 N , and with its powerful power of 280 hp and 392 Nm, it spins only the front wheels (all-wheel drive would be too complicated, expensive, and heavy) through a two-clutch eight-speed automatic DCT (same gearbox). can be found in the rejuvenated i30 N ) with several driving modes.

Transmission modes: N Power Shift (NPS) is activated as soon as the car accelerates with more than 90% throttle opening. The function suppresses the decrease in torque when shifting to higher gears and enhances the beneficial shooting from the exhaust.

N Grin Shift (NGS) maximizes engine and DCT transmission performance for 20 seconds. As soon as the driver requests maximum acceleration, the car immediately engages the most suitable lower gear to use the highest performance potential.

The N Track Sense Shift (NTS) adjusts the gears to the race track so the rider can concentrate even more on driving.

Sports gadgets

But that's not the end of the fun, the sharpened Kona N brings other sports tweaks:

Sports transparent display - after activating Sport or N mode, the driver can view, among other things, information on speed, driving speed or gear engaged directly in his field of vision.

System N Grin Control - oddly named selector Drive Mode allows you to choose the modes Eco, Normal, Sport, and N individually adjustable Custom, changing the character of the car (engine, chassis, gear, stabilization, audio, management etc.).

Electronic sound generator ESG - engine sound generator located in the interior at the foot of the windshield enhances the sporty rumble of the intake and driving experience.

Launch Control - for the sharpest start.

Creep Off - when this function is activated and operating mode D is engaged, the car will not start automatically as soon as the driver releases the brake pedal (as is the case with conventional automatic machines).

You can also look forward to the electronically controlled e-LSD limited-slip differential, steep steering, powerful braking system, adaptive shock absorbers, sophisticated front axle, and sophisticated multi-link rear axle. There is also a sports setting of switchable electronic chassis stabilization or traction control with modes for driving in snow, deep snow, mud or sand.

The sharp SUV with a rigid body will offer a luggage compartment volume of 361 liters, stylistic elements that fit the N family (mask, spoilers, diffusers, iconic third brake light, etc.) and a range of colors including the popular light blue (Performance Blue) and fungl new gray-blue paint (Sonic Blue).

Body colors for model Kona N:

  1. Gray-blue

  2. Red

  3. Black

  4. White

  5. Grey

  6. Dark grey

  7. Light blue

Cab modifications include black upholstery, sports steering wheel, aluminum pedals, anti-slip perforated leather handbrake lever or N logo. Of course, there are front anatomical seats that keep you in corners, while offering comfort on longer journeys. Standard heated front (optional rear) seats can be upholstered in fabric or leather, or you can pay extra for and suede upholstered shell of the i30 Project N C. Fabric and leather seats can optionally be electrically adjustable, but for the suede version, it is standard, as is the ventilation of the front seats. For leather upholstery, ventilation can be added as an option.

The car will, of course, have a huge army of assistance systems, however, we have already written about them when introducing the rejuvenated Kona. However, we welcome the fact that even in small SUVs, technologies from higher classes are already appearing, such as the exit safety control system (known from Santa Fe ).

Comfortable elements will be pleased with the head-up display, wide central screen of the multimedia system, digital instrument panel or advanced voice control - this can be used, for example, to activate the heating of the rear window, mirrors, steering wheel or regulate the interior temperature.

Despite all its dynamic features and capabilities, the Kona N is still at its core the most comfortable, safe and practical compact crossover to get into. However, the most dynamically important aspects were taken care of by Albert Biermann in particular , and this is the side of things that impresses especially lovers of racing, adrenaline and a pleasant noise coming from the sports exhaust. So we don't want to overtake, but we think that this is how a real family-city universal should look like.

Specification of Hyundai Kona N

  • Dimensions (lxwxh) - 4,215 x 1,800 x 1,565 mm

  • Wheelbase - 2,600 mm

  • Engine - supercharged four-cylinder, 2.0 l

  • Transmission - eight-speed, automatic

  • Highest performance - 280 k

  • Highest torque - 392 Nm

  • Standby weight - 1,510 kg

  • Operating weight - 1,585 kg

  • Maximal speed - 240 km / h

  • Acceleration from 0–100 km / h - 5.5 s (Launch Control)

  • Luggage space volume - 361 l

  • Wheels and tires - Forged R19, 235/40

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