The steering wheel in new Tesla vehicles is inconvenient and dangerous

The steering wheel instead of the usual steering wheel is probably the main complaint about the updated Tesla cars. It was criticized both immediately after the announcement and after the first tests.

Consumer Reports, after a week of testing the new Model S, expressed their grievances about the new control. Moreover, the claims were described based on the opinion of 10 source experts at once.

In general, the opinion of the experts is negative. Plus, this form has only one - the steering wheel in the neutral position does not cover the dashboard. Although the same Peugeot has solved this problem without a radical revision of the main body of the car.

All the rest are disadvantages. The main one is that with this shape, the steering wheel is simply much more difficult to control, which in some cases can lead to the formation of a dangerous situation. Blind interception of the steering wheel is now impossible since in the process there may be a protruding part or even avoid at hand. Moreover, the steering wheel is slippery, which further exacerbates the situation. One of the women who tested the car also said that the steering wheel was too thick for her small palms.

In addition, due to the specific shape of the driver's hands, they get tired faster, since they cannot be relaxed in the same way as in the case of a conventional steering wheel. Adds problems and the lack of paddle shifters. They have been replaced with controls on the steering wheel itself. As a result, it is sometimes very inconvenient to turn on the turn signals. The rest of the buttons are touch-sensitive, which, together with the shape of the steering wheel, sometimes leads to erroneous presses.

As a result, this form does not have any distinct advantages, and the disadvantages can be called very serious, since some of them directly affect safety.


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