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The steps to know what is the speed of your Android processor in real time

Do you want to know if your mobile device is working with the expected performance? In this note, we will teach you a trick to know the speed of your mobile processor in real-time.

In 1973 Motorola created the first mobile phone where you could only make or receive calls. Years later, different companies managed to allow two people to communicate through text messages (SMS). At present, technology has developed so much that mobile devices have become essential due to their multifunctionality, therefore, it is now necessary for the processor of our smartphones to be fast to adapt to new applications or programs.

Smartphones today are multifunctional, meaning that apart from making or receiving calls, it serves as a tool to work, study, entertain ourselves with games, movies, among others. This time we are going to teach you a trick to know the speed of the mobile processor, why is this important? because the applications are having new functions and are becoming much heavier with each update.

We are going to teach you two ways to find out the speed of your Smartphone's processor, the first is by entering the configuration of the device and the second is by installing additional applications from the Google Play Store.

How to know the speed of a mobile processor from its configuration?

  • According to the model of your Smartphone, follow these steps.

  • Go to “Settings” and then go to “About phone” or “Phone information”.

  • In this section, we have to open "Real-time data from the CPU".

  • If this option does not appear, type the word "CPU" in the "Settings" search engine, which is in the upper right corner with a magnifying glass icon.

  • Here it will show us the operation of the CPU and cores in real-time.

How to know the speed of a mobile processor with an additional app?

  • First, we enter the Google Play Store and download "Geekbench 5", an app to measure CPU performance in real-time.

  • We open it and we have to click on "Accept" to grant the permissions.

  • Now, it will show us all the characteristics of our equipment.

  • To know the speed of our processor in real time, click on "Run CPU benchmark".

  • We wait for it to load so that it shows us the data.

  • As we see in the following image, the computer's processor is 8-core.


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