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The story behind Lohee, the Korean girl in WhatsApp stickers


Learn the story behind Lohee, the Korean girl from WhatsApp stickers that you have surely seen in a conversation. The possibility of sending stickers on WhatsApp is one of the funniest functions within the messaging application. Any user can create them and there are even applications that allow you to design them based on photographs of the people you live with. Sometimes the result is so good that it ends up going viral and shared by thousands of people. Such is the case of Rohee, a girl from South Korea who has become an internet sensation for her ideal gestures to represent any mood.

The little internet stars

Known in the internet world as Lohee, the 4-year-old Korean girl became popular because her mother opened an Instagram account some time ago where she regularly shares photos of the cute Rohee and also her little sister. Romi, a baby who, according to the description of the photos, is barely 2 years old. The account registered under the user @jinmiran_ currently has more than 1.4 million followers on the popular social network.

The image of the adorable girls has literally gone around the world since in the comments section of Instagram we can find people speaking French, Portuguese, Italian, and, of course, Spanish. In the account, we can infer a little of the daily life of little Rohee together with her sister and her parents. There are very tender moments that reveal the natural charisma of the young influencer, such as when preparing dinner, on her birthday and a time to relax with a facial mask with cucumber slices.

The daily life of Rohee and her family

Something that not many people know is that the mother of the nice girls also has a channel on the YouTube video platform. The name of the account is in Korean and it has only about five videos showing something from Rohee and her sister's daily life, such as nap time, what appears to be an early reading practice with a book, and even a live on Instagram featuring the cute Romi when she was just a newborn.

Another aspect that has become popular to Korean girls of stickers of WhatsApp are beautiful sets used in their appearances. Throughout the Instagram photos, we can notice in more detail the curious outfits with which Rohee's mother decides to show off her daughter. There is everything from princess dresses, bathing suits, and pajamas that mimic the figure of a teddy bear. In short, a gold mine for memes that have inspired the gestures of this little girl.

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