The Tesla Model Y will be the world's best-selling car


Tesla boss Elon Musk is not afraid of dramatic statements, whether it is the colonization of Mars or the sale of electric cars. In the latter, he predicted that the new Model Y should become the best-selling car on the planet in 2022 or 2023. Will he defeat his beloved Corolla?

Traditionally, the best-selling car in the world is the Toyota Corolla. Even last year's pandemic, 1.1 million units were sold worldwide. It is thus highly likely that the model that most people around the planet will buy in a given year will have to have over a million units sold.

Does Tesla have a Model Y for that? This compact electric SUV has just started to be sold. In the cheapest specification, it costs some 970 thousand crowns, it will travel around 390 electric kilometers (more expensive versions have an extended range) and technically it is based on the Model 3, which is currently the cheapest and best-selling Tesla.

Last year, 442,000 Tesel Model 3 and Y were sold, but the company does not say what their share was. However, if it manages to exceed the limit of one million units sold (all models), Tesla would be the first carmaker to succeed with purely electric models. The Californian carmaker expects sales of the Troika and Ypsilon to increase by fifty percent a year. If this optimistic number were true, 960,000 of these cars would be sold in 2022. Even so, it would not be enough in the first place.

Elon Musk knows that he will not be saddened by the promise, so he further stated that he will produce an autonomous electric vehicle with a price of $ 25,000 (in terms of 538 thousand crowns) within three years. According to unconfirmed information, Tesla is negotiating with Toyota about possible cooperation in production. Let us remind you that the American carmaker has been building a factory near Berlin for three years now, where the Model Y for the European market will be produced. If there is no delay, production should start this year. Another factor is being built in Texas.

Richer thanks to allowances and bitcoin

Tesla has now published its financial results. The carmaker increased its net profit to a record $ 438 million, which is approximately 9.4 billion crowns. However, great results were not only created by the sale of electric cars. Tesla also earned more than half a billion dollars from the sale of emission allowances. The money was also brought by investments in bitcoin - in February the company bought a cryptocurrency for $ 1.5 billion, later it sold part (roughly 10%) with a profit of about $ 100 million (over 2 billion crowns). Bad linguists claim that it was due to the improvement of the financial statements, but it is certain that the brand finally stops balancing between the so-called "black zero" and the crash and gets into the red.

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