The Touryst comparative review has appeared


Back in November last year, it became known that some games on the Xbox Series X will render at 6K resolution. There was no such information regarding the PlayStation 5 at the time. However, it turned out that the Sony console can do even more.

The Touryst game - just one of those that was mentioned back then for the Xbox - on the PlayStation 5 boasts native 8K rendering! And at the same time, it gives out 60 fps.

The developers of the game confirmed to the source that the console renders the game at a full resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels without any supersampling techniques or the like. True, the PS5 does not yet support 8K image output even via HDMI 2.1, so after rendering in this resolution, the game uses supersampling to convert the image to 4K resolution.

At the same time, testing has shown that in this mode the image is still slightly better than if you disable this function and leave the rendering in 4K. In particular, the smoothing of the voxel edges is improved, the depth of field changes, and the shadows become a little better.

Interestingly, it turned out that the PS5 can render images at a higher resolution than the Xbox, due to the higher GPU frequency (2230 MHz versus 1825 MHz). And this is despite the fact that the GPU itself in the Microsoft console is more productive due to the larger number of stream processors.

As for the overall impressive capabilities of both consoles in this game, everything is explained by its low resource intensity due to voxel graphics.

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