The traffic load on Google Maps is now shown in 100 countries of the world


Google has announced the international launch of Google Maps (Google Maps), which will help users avoid busy transport and large crowds, which is especially useful in the context of the ongoing pandemic.

The function of predicting traffic congestion debuted in June 2019 in 200 cities of the world, and now, according to Google, information is available from more than 10 thousand transport agencies in one hundred countries.

Traffic information is generated based on past statistics and travel reports from Google Maps users. The developers of Google Maps promise that the data on the history of the location of users is anonymized.

In addition to running such predictions in most countries around the world, more detailed forecasts are now being generated for New York and Sydney. In these cities, users will see the level of filling of individual subway train cars, and not just the presence of crowds on the transport line. Google plans to launch this capability in more cities soon.

In addition, in the Google Maps app for Android, the Timeline section now displays statistics on time and distance for different modes of travel, as well as places visited on the Statistics tab. There is also a tab "Trips", which contains the visited places and there is the possibility of exporting as a list.


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