The translation of the selected text has appeared in the alternative browser Vivaldi


The team of the increasingly popular Vivaldi browser announced the release of the Vivaldi 4.2 update for computers and mobile devices running Android.

The version for computers (Windows, macOS, Linux) allows you to translate any selected text on a web page using the built-in Vivaldi Translate tool developed by Lingvanex, which eliminates the need for any extensions.

The browser update also includes more collaboration options for users - with the built-in QR code generator, they can quickly access and share information using quick commands, mouse gestures, and keyboard shortcuts.

You can add a QR button to the address field by enabling it in the address field options in the settings. Vivaldi also offers a browser QR code scanner for Android.

Vivaldi is being developed by Opera Software founder Jon von Tetzchner, and the browser is seen as the successor to older versions of Opera.

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