The true meaning of the cloud covered face emoji


For many, this emoji of the face with the face covered in clouds is a mystery, because we do not know if it is full of smoke after smoking or if it is simply in a place covered by mist. That is why we will resort to Emojipedia, the website that has the particularity of providing you with information on each of the emoticons that exist in WhatsApp.

According to the same source, the emoji has an ambiguous appearance, it can represent a foggy mental state, confusion, or even a feeling of calm joy. It can also be used to indicate the presence of smoke.

Although there is a variety of new emojis on WhatsApp or some that will gradually be incorporated into the platform, this emoticon also known as Face in clouds was added last year on iPhone and Android devices.

So now you know what it is like every time someone tries to send you this emoticon that is very particular in its shape and that generates some confusion among users.

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