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Adobe today released a new version of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements software for 2023, priced at $99, and the bundle is $149.99. The new version of the upgrade is mainly based on AI-based "easy to use" features while improving the optimization of Apple Mac computers equipped with Apple Silicon.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is Adobe's new image editing, photo retouching, and Web graphics solution after Photoshop. It has a friendly interface, is easy to use, and has powerful functions. It is mainly aimed at business users and photography enthusiasts, and it is priced lower than professional software.

The new version includes new Adobe Sensei AI-powered features that support intuitive, streamlined editing and provides step-by-step guided editing that everyone from beginners to advanced users can appreciate. In addition to the desktop app, Elements 2023 offers a connected experience with a new web and mobile companion app (English-only beta) that facilitates photo and video access, viewing, and sharing on the go.

One particularly interesting AI feature is called Dynamic Elements. Using Adobe's Sensei technology, you can add dynamic elements to still photos to "bring a cinematic magic to waterfalls, clouds, and backgrounds in still images," which you can then save as video or GIF format Post it online.

In addition, it has a new artistic effects feature "inspired by popular art styles" that lets you "transform entire video clips with one click", plus over 100 new audio tracks.

For Mac users, it's a big performance boost for Apple chips, with performance and stability improvements reducing installation time by 35% and booting up by 70%. App sizes are also reduced by 48% with full Apple Silicon support for M1 Macs.

Additionally, Adobe is currently testing a new Photoshop and Premiere Elements web companion app, available in beta. The application allows access to content created in Photoshop and Premiere Elements from anywhere and provides options for creating slideshows and collages. There's also an Android app, but Adobe doesn't mention an iOS app.

Other new features in Photoshop and Premiere Elements 2023 apps:

  • Perspective overlay function. Create an illusion of depth by framing the subject with microscopic images of flowers, leaves, grass, and more, as well as backgrounds, patterns, and skies that can be inserted into the photo.

  • Guided editing features guide users through different photo effects, can be searched using keyword tags, and there are new collage and slideshow templates for both Photoshop and Premiere Elements.

  • Add perspective overlays to achieve the illusion of depth in your photos.

  • Choose the perfect soundtrack, from home movies to class projects with 100 new soundtracks.

  • Create and edit photos and videos conveniently on your desktop by uploading them to the cloud using the new mobile companion app (English-only beta).

  • Share and view edited photos and videos, and create photo collages and multimedia slideshows by doing more on any browser with the new Web Companion app (English-only beta).

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