The video game industry has its first Oscar for the documentary Colette

The video game world may celebrate another historic milestone. This year's Oscar for Best Documentary (in the field of shorter documentaries) was won by a short film called Colette , which was released as part of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond. This is the first time the video game industry has won an Oscar.

Colette Colette by Anthony Giacchino tells the true story of 92-year-old Colette Marin-Catherine, a French resistance warrior in World War II. The film follows her return to Germany, including a prisoner of war camp where her brother Jean-Pierre died. "The real hero here is Colette herself, who shared her story honestly and firmly. As we see in the film, resistance requires courage, but facing a person's past may require even more. Enabling us to preserve this pilgrimage for future generations was a real act of bravery and trust, ” said Oculus Studios Production Director Mike Doran.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond was released in December last year for Oculus and Steam VR. It was developed by the Respawn Entertainment studio , which is behind such hits as the Titanfall series or the battle royale Apex Legends.

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