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The YouTube platform expands the option for Clips to share short clips


The YouTube platform announced its intention to increase the channels in which the Clips feature is available to trim short videos and publish them on social networking sites, to 10 times the number of current channels in the coming weeks, according to a report published by social media today.

Clips enable the user to choose a small portion of up to 60 seconds from a clip on YouTube and share it, and upon opening the video, that small clip will work on the original video page, and it will continue to be repeated as specified without completing the rest of the large original video.

It is evident through the example that the clip clip selected is 6 seconds long and runs from 4:24 to 4:30, and whenever the six seconds pass, we find it returns to the same point at 4:24.

Some may find that this feature is very useful because it helps to highlight a specific part of the video without others, but this feature is only available in a few channels on YouTube, as it is still in an experimental phase with a focus on video games channels.


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