There are 7 external studios working on the PS5 exclusivity Abandoned

Two months ago, a new PS5 exclusivity called Abandoned was first announced. Developers from Blue Box Game Studios are working on the game, which no one has ever heard of, even though they claim to have collaborated on several titles in the past.

The whole situation was already a bit strange at the time. In addition, we subsequently found out that the studio's initials are HK and the studio has hills in its banner on its YT channel. The players were clear - Abandoned is a new game by Hide Kojima and is a sequel to the Silent Hill series. However, the speculation was subsequently cut off by the head of the studio himself, who denied any connection with this Japanese developer, and thus the case more or less faded. But yesterday it started again and this time the developers are to blame.

The reactions did not take long. This Tweet clearly indicates that it is the name Silent Hill. However, a few hours later, the developers countered with a statement that again denies any connection with Hide Kojima, Konami or this famous horror series. Apparently, they didn't even know that players could interpret it that way, but who believes this?

Certainly not users on Twitter, Reddit, and other forums, because these "coincidences" are increasing and it is still not really clear what developers are. Their official website does not work and they have only a few posts on their social networks related only to Abandoned. This is a bit strange if it really was a studio that has existed for several years, as they claim.

The story does not end here either. Even if Abandoned wasn't Silent Hill, in the end, it's already clear that it's going to be a bigger game than it first seemed. The developers said that they are cooperating with a total of 7 studies and we can look forward to professional dubbing. In addition, according to them, we have never seen the game and the first trailer only served as a "development announcement". Here, however, they are a bit contradictory, because we have already seen footage from the game in the mentioned trailer. Or not? In the end, is Abandoned a completely different game than the one presented by the studio? Everything is possible. But it seems that the developers absolutely can't handle marketing or are tightening upon us all the time.

One thing is for sure, it will launch an application on PlayStation 5 on June 22, which will gradually reveal the game. We should have a demo and release date in the summer.

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