There was a large layoff in the Czech studio Geewa

The Czech development team Geewa was bought at the beginning of last year by the American company AppLovin, and this business was to help the study in future growth.

However, less than a year and a half passed, and, according to sources in the magazine, major changes were to take place , when a large part of the team was allegedly released (45 people worked in the company before the buyout).

While Geewa refused to respond to the inquiries, the information was confirmed by the parent company, which provided the following:

We are restructuring so that we can adapt to the latest innovations in the development of mobile games. At Geewa, we look forward to continuing to fulfill our vision of creating games.

Geewa is a studio that has several successful games on Facebook or the mobile title Smashing Four. In 2019, it managed to achieve sales of CZK 324 million.

The video game branch AppLovin, on the other hand, offers twelve studios, where, in addition to the Czech team, you will find Lion Studios (Slap Kings) and Machine Zone (Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire).

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