There will be no landline phone in Britain after 2025


The UK is aiming to get rid of landline service by 2025, four years from now, and everyone will have to rely only on their mobile phones. This decision, which major telecommunications companies are preparing to implement, is a step towards the transformation towards a fully digital world, and landlines do not exist in this world, so the mobile phone will become the main means of communication, and next to it are online sites, regardless of people's ages.

With this decision, millions of customers are turning to Internet services for the first time after the interruption of landline services, but there are many concerns about the impact of this decision on the elderly and people who cannot deal with mobile phones and the Internet.

The harm of stopping landlines will not only affect the elderly, but also all services that depend on landlines, such as payment stations, phones in elevators, alarms, and other services. The concerns arising from this decision also include families who live in remote villages and rural areas that lack such advanced services.

Reports from the UK's telecoms regulator Ofcom indicate that around 6% of households, or 1.5 million homes, do not have access to internet services. This requires multiple visits from the engineers specialized in setting up the Internet settings. People will have to replace their old phones with a new ones by 2025, plus most people use the internet on their phones only, and there are about half a million households in the UK who don't own a mobile phone at all.

Caroline Abrahams, a lawyer, sociologist, and director of Age UK said the decision to turn off landlines poses a significant risk to seniors over the age of 75 due to their inexperience with digital technology resources. Ofcom stressed that telecom service providers should put in place clear steps and strategies to prevent victims of the recent scams.

London-based telecommunications company Openreach emphasized that protecting customers exposed to the threat of the Internet is a priority for them. There are now already 2 million people who have transferred to Internet-based phone services.

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