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These are new features soon available in Google Map

According to the Android police report, the new Go Tab makes it easier to navigate to frequently visited places, as it lists destinations you're likely to go to, such as your school, grocery store, or gym. It also conveniently lists traffic trends and ETA, saving you the trouble of having to type the place’s address. Maps can also list departure and arrival times, as well as provide you with disruption alerts for your pinned public transit routes. You’ll also be able to pin driving routes for similar updates and even compare them with other transportation methods.

The Go Tab will gradually roll out over the next few weeks

Now Google continues its updates in this regard by bringing the ability for verified businesses to chat with customers right from within the Google Maps mobile app. The companies can reply from a mobile device makes it easier for small businesses to improve their relationship with customers, as this way they can be notified whenever someone sends them a message even if they’re on the go.

The new messaging feature integrates well with the latest updates for Google Maps, so for example, users can message a business right from a post they made and which is visible for followers from the recently refreshed Explore tab that now plays the role of a feed.

According to the arstechnica, the new Community Feed which is clearly trying to turn Google Maps into a social network. Google's blog post says that "every day, people submit more than 20 million contributions including recommendations for their favorite spots, updates to business services, fresh reviews and ratings, photos, answers to other people's questions, updated addresses and more. So now Google Maps is getting a News Feed full of all these reviews and updates.

The feed shows you the latest reviews, photos and posts added to Google Maps by local experts and people you follow as well as food and drink merchants, and articles from publishers. All of these updates are in the style of a social network, with the author at the top, a follow link for the author, and the ability to like posts. The only thing they're missing are the comments.

If you're not on the main page of Maps, the community feed lives under the explore tab, the first tab on the Google Maps tab bar.

Android Police has spotted even more detail being added to certain cities in Google Maps. If you zoom all the way in on places like NYC, you'll see striped crosswalk paint in some roads and tiny little building numbers letting you know where the exact addresses are. These go great with Google Maps other recent detail addition of traffic lights.

According to the Verge Google Maps is getting a new update that lets you create Street View photos using just a phone. Android users with ARCore-compatible devices can now capture imagery and publish it to Google Street View in certain areas. Google is allowing submissions initially in Toronto, New York, Austin, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Costa Rica. More regions will support this feature soon, and Google will use this user-generated content when it doesn’t have its own Street View imagery available.

People can contribute for connected photos, they will appear in the Street View layer on Google Maps as dotted blue lines other than collected by company.

The new beta feature has been in testing for months, and Google will automatically rotate and position the series of connected photos that are captured in its Street View app for Android. While users have been able to submit Street View imagery in the past, it required a special 360-degree camera. This new feature just makes use of a standard phone camera.

It opens up the Street View feature to many more areas, including hard to reach places that even Google’s Street View trekkers and cars haven’t visited. Google will also use this imagery to update Google Maps with information like new businesses or publicly posted open hours, and the company will apply its standard Street View privacy features to blur out faces and license plates.

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