These are the most valuable car brands in the world

How much is a car brand worth? A well-known consultancy has estimated the value of the main brands in the world and this ranking is the result.

The total value of the 100 most valuable global brands according to the Kantar Brand 2021 ranking has grown by 42%, reaching a record figure of more than seven trillion dollars. This percentage shows the rebound in the world economy after the Coivd-19 pandemic.

Which brand of cars is worth more?

Globally, Amazon maintains the first position as the most valuable brand in the world, and in this latest edition, it grew 64% to 684,000 million dollars. Its entry into the ranking took place in 2006, but in just one year it has grown by almost 268,000 million. It is the first brand to exceed half a trillion dollars, along with Apple, in the second position, thanks to a valuation of 612,000 million.

Regarding the automobile, Tesla stands out, which despite being in position number 47, its growth has been the fastest in the entire ranking. It has also become the most valuable automobile brand in the world. It has increased its value by 275% to 43,000 million dollars, which is more than double that in the previous edition.

Tesla is the most valuable car brand in the world. Along with Tesla, Toyota stands out, which is ranked number 64, although it has suffered a significant decline compared to 2020, specifically it has lost 16 positions. Now it is worth 26.974 million dollars, 5% less.

Other brands that appear in the classification are Mercedes-Benz with 25,835 million, which falls by 21% and 11 places, and BMW with 24,821 that increases its value by 21% but loses 10 positions.

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