They create vertical batteries for electric cars. What advantages do they have?


It is called Page-Roberts Automotive and it is a British start-up created by an engineer who has presented batteries for electric cars that are placed vertically. It is an unprecedented design so far since the batteries are usually located on the floor of the vehicle, something that often causes a decrease in habitability or that the driver goes higher.

Vertical batteries

This configuration represents a radical change in terms of habitability. According to its creators, this location allows significant cost savings, which they set at 36% less. They also ensure that autonomy improves by 30%.

The proposal of this company, as shown in the image, is curious since it would involve a different interior configuration. The passengers in the rear seats would travel in the opposite direction to that of the march.

This placement provides more advantages according to its creators since no extra protection of the batteries is needed because they are placed in a safer place, protected from possible impacts, something that does not happen when they are under the chassis, a very exposed place. This feature also enables a shorter wheelbase, and consequently a smaller vehicle size, for example, to create city cars, but also two-seater sports roadsters.

This configuration brings many advantages according to its creators.

This is explained by the CEO of this start-up, Freddy Page-Roberts the skateboard configuration has become the mainstay of most electric cars. But this results in taller vehicles with greater aerodynamic losses and energy consumption ( especially at high highway speeds. Also, create an additional structure to protect it against impacts and a longer wheelbase to accommodate the battery. Increased size and weight are decisive in range. Simply by moving the battery location, we have come up with a much more efficient solution.

The truth is that it is still an embryonic project since its creators have not referred, for example, to the issue related to the cooling of the batteries, as well as to others related to safety in the event of an accident.

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