They feature a circular electric motor that fits inside a wheel


From the UK comes this proposal. A circular electric motor is located inside a wheel. These are its characteristics. It's called AFT 140 and it's a platform for electric vehicles developed by the British company Saietta Group. It has the peculiarity that the motors are located on the wheels and thus provide many advantages since they allow to have a flat rectangular surface, which maximizes the space available on the chassis.

One of the advantages of this proposal is that the platform can be adapted to a multitude of bodies, from passenger cars, delivery vehicles, industrial vehicles, etc.

Modular electric platform

The circular shape of the motors allows full use of space. They are also designed for low voltage power delivery which makes them a safer solution compared to those using high voltage.

In-wheel motors also reduce part complexity and simplify the powertrain, as heavy components - expensive transmissions often found in other electric traction systems - are eliminated.

In general, electric mobility is very present in an urban environment, where power needs are not a priority and there are constant stops and starts. In this context, the light and compact AFT electric motors from Saietta are a perfect choice. Its creators also assure that they offer excellent efficiency.

In-wheel motors also reduce mechanical complexity.

Located in the four corners of a platform, they also improve maneuverability, flexibility, modularity, and four-wheel drive capability. Added to this is a regenerative braking system, which returns energy to the battery pack, thus extending the autonomy of the vehicle on a single charge.

This is how Wicher Kist, Executive Director of Saietta Group explains this is a high technology, for the real world. We continue to strive to create electric mobility solutions for vehicle manufacturers around the world and this variant located on the wheels is another example of our progress. Ultimately, we believe that inner-city electric vehicles will be fully autonomous and our in-wheel motor technology can play an important role in this market.

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