They present a modular scooter that transforms into a bench


It is called TOD, short for talk or drive and it is a mobility proposal, an electric scooter, which has won the Ford Fund Smart Mobility Challenge.

This award is endorsed by the Ford Foundation and the Royal College of Art in the United Kingdom. Both organizations called a contest to encourage students to present their proposals, to present ideas that would offer a sustainable urban mobility solution that benefits life in a large city. The prize is 14,600 euros in exchange that will go towards making this project a reality.

Modular scooter

The proposal, made by design students Corentin Janel and Guillaume Innocenti, is a scooter that transforms into a bench and could be very useful for getting around town.

This change is produced by an adaptive system, which has a static and a mobile mode, for when the vehicle is running or stopped.

The first is a bench that can accommodate three people and includes a series of accessories such as chairs and corners, which can be easily attached thanks to a kit. Besides you can install a table between them to form a picnic table.

In mobile mode, it is a scooter with a capacity for two people and a small space to carry things, capable of circulating at a maximum speed of 20 km / h. On the back and sides, it includes several elastic bands to transport small and long objects.

The idea is that it be a carsharing type vehicle and that it can be used through an app.

This is how Amko Leenarts, Ford Europe Design Director, explains "This motorized bench is a great example of how design can help weave the fabric of cities, as it is fun, practical, and multifunctional. It is a smart way to do making mobility part of the city, encouraging people to interact and allowing people to experience cities in a totally new way. "

Original project

For their part, the students Janel and Innocenti define their project as follows: "We wanted to create a community service that would adapt to the urban life of its users. Winning the challenge has made us trust even more in our proposal, and it will allow us to build a concept to make our idea come true. Working on a full-scale prototype will allow us to fully understand the concept and, at the same time, we will be able to analyze the materials, the process, and the user experience ".

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