They sell a copy of Super Mario 64 for 1.56 million dollars and break the record


The video game industry may not have as much history as other branches of the tech world. However, there are great classics that over time have become more valuable and sought-after by collectors. In fact, this weekend the record for the most expensive game in history was broken when a fully sealed copy of Super Mario 64 was auctioned for $ 1.56 million.

It may seem like an incredible price for a best-selling game owned by millions, but Heritage Auctions said the reason for its value had to do with the pristine condition of the copy. The boxed set, he said, had an A ++ seal rating of 9.8 on the Wata scale. That means it is immaculately preserved in the same condition as when it left the factory. These highly rated games are often described as "Case Fresh".

Add to that the cultural impact of Super Mario 64, the plumber's first true 3D adventure and a hugely successful launch title for the N64 console.

With this sale, Mario video games continue to stand out as the most expensive and coveted. In November 2020, a copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 sold for $ 156,000, an NES game that comfortably surpassed the previous record holder, a copy of Super Mario Bros., which sold for $ 114,000 in July. this year.

But that was not enough, because, in April 2021, the Heritage Auctions auction house also sold a sealed copy of the NES classic Super Mario Bros. for $ 660,000, a figure that is more than four times higher than the previous record. Today there is a new winner.

The Legend of Zelda surprised me a few days before

Just a couple of days before the million-dollar sale of Super Mario 64, a copy of The Legend of Zelda video game had reached the record for the most expensive game in history when it was auctioned for a price of $ 870,000.

It was a sealed copy of The Legend of Zelda for the NES that was so valuable because, according to Heritage Auctions: “While it is a hard truth, it is nevertheless a truth: none of the copies that we have offered of this title previously I might even try to match this one as it is incredibly rare due to its initial production status. This matter is completely indisputable. This is the only copy of an early production series that we have had the opportunity to offer and possibly we will have the opportunity to auction for many years to come. Considering that this variant was only produced for a few months in late 1987 before it was finally replaced by the Rev-A variant in early 1988. This statement is probably not surprising to collectors. Only one other variant precedes the offered NES R variant and that is the NESTM variant, which is the true first production. However, it is also widely believed that there is only one sealed example of the NESTM, and it is not known whether that copy will make it to market or not. Essentially, this copy is the first sealed copy that one could realistically hope to obtain. "

This means that it is a rare early production version of the classic The Legend of Zelda that the buyer considered was worth almost a million dollars, an impressive figure in itself but more considering that Heritage Auctions sold a copy of this same video game. , but from the more common 1988 Rev-A production for just $ 50,400 last year.

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