This is how Facebook teaches AI what data such as the human mind should be forgotten


The Facebook company has developed a technology to enable artificial intelligence to forget a little information. It works just like the human brain so that computers can complete tasks more quickly and efficiently, according to RT.

The social network relies on artificial intelligence to detect harmful content, such as hate speech and graphic violence, to categorize the content in the latest news and carry out other tasks, and with 2.85 billion people logging into the social network every month, the company relies more on artificial intelligence.

In a blog post, Facebook research scientists have created a new method called Expire-Span (expiration time), which teaches artificial intelligence how to forget large amounts of information that is not relevant to a particular task.

The scientists pointed out that every piece of information gets an expiration date, which leads to freeing up computer memory space so that it can focus on the details necessary to complete the task. Expire-Span technology predicts the most relevant and important information, according to Facebook.

Facebook research scientists Angela Van and Sienbayar Schpatar explained through the blog, that if the model is training to perform a word prediction task, it is possible to teach the AI ​​to remember rare words such as nouns and forget very common words and fillers such as the and of.

And Facebook said that with Expire-Span, the company is one step closer to making computers retain memories like humans, and the researchers noted that the human brain naturally preserves important information instead of all the details.

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