This is the 180 hp electric motor that Hyundai will use for its city cars


Hyundai bets on the American specialist BorgWarner for the electric motors of its city cars that will be on sale from 2023. It is designed, developed, and manufactured by the American company specialized in technology BorgWarner, which defines it as a high-performance system for electric vehicles.

It works at 400V and can generate a power of up to 135 kW, about 180 CV, with a smooth and silent operation. It uses a high voltage technology that allows exceptional performance, its creators claim.

Compact and powerful electric motor

One of its advantages is that this electric motor is very compact since it has a diameter of 146 mm, and light since it integrates the gearbox and a 400V silicon reverse. It is also modular and scalable to suit different needs.

In fact, this BorgWarner Integrated Drive Module (IDM) has been selected by Hyundai for its A-segment electrics whose commercialization will begin in mid-2023.

This electric motor is modular and scalable to adapt to different needs. With its state-of-the-art electrical technology, gearbox, and integrated power electronics, the new BorgWarner iDM enables cleaner and more efficient vehicles to be produced.

We have enjoyed nearly two decades of partnership with Hyundai Motor Group and we couldn't be more excited about this next step - working together on our first electrification project, says Dr. Stefan Demmerle, President and CEO of BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems, who adds I'm especially excited that this is the first iDM product to combine the BorgWarner portfolios and Delphi Technologies legacy after the acquisition, reap the benefits of the two organizations.

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