This is the mission of the new robot from Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics has made a name for itself with amazing videos of bipedal and quadruped robots doing flips, opening doors, and dancing, and the last of those robots to be revealed was a robot that looks like a huge projector on wheels, according to TheNextWeb.

The new robot is called Stretch and is designed to do one thing: move boxes, and although it may seem boring, it could become Boston Dynamics most successful commercial product and turn it into a profitable company.

Stretch has a box-like base with a set of wheels that can move in all directions. On top of the base, there is a large robotic arm, which has seven degrees of freedom, and a set of suction pads that can hold and lift the boxes.

The perception system uses cameras and sensors powered by a computer vision system to analyze its surroundings.

According to information provided by Boston Dynamics for the robot, it can handle boxes weighing up to 23kg and can make 800 displacements per hour, and have a battery that can last up to eight hours.

According to Boston Dynamics, the robot could reach speeds of 800 states an hour.

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