This is what to do when you receive annoying calls from a number similar to yours

You must have received one or more calls from a number similar to yours, and this step is only used, in most cases, to drag you to the stage of answering the call. As the person spoofs your number just like that in order to get you to answer the call. As soon as you answer the call, the conversation will start with him, and here the same fraud is attempted. Which usually revolve around your bank account, a request for information, or a transfer.

The main and primary objective here is to answer the call because the user usually ignores annoying calls permanently.

There is no unified and clear purpose for calls of this type, but the caller usually claims to be authorized by someone. Or to make you believe that it is someone who specializes in a field, such as vaccines for the Covid-19 virus or something related to your social life. And as we know, if the caller is professional in persuasion, and the recipient is naive, the swindling process is done easily, whatever its cause or main objective.

This deception technique relies on many methods, but of course, the hacker does not - if you will - buy a phone number similar to the phone number of everyone he wants to target! Rather, techniques have been used that display the phone number in this way at the recipient, which is a common occurrence, and perhaps the most important question here is: What do you do if you receive a call from a similar number to yours?

The answer is very simple, you don't need any steps, in fact, all you have to do is not answer the call in the first place. This is for two reasons, the first reason is that you will waste your time and effort unnecessarily. The second reason is that as soon as you answer the call, the software that does this task will understand that your number is worth targeting and that you really cared and answered the phone when you received a call from a number similar to yours!

On the other hand, you can adopt technology and use it to your advantage. By using specialized applications to fetch information about the numbers that call you and also alert you in the event of any dangers, only while the phone is ringing and before you need to answer the call, the most important of these applications are:

  • Truecaller

  • Hiya

  • Nomorabo

As we mentioned above, the targeting process of this type depends on a number of forgery software and techniques. That is, these numbers are not real numbers associated with physical SIM cards. Therefore, in the event that you receive a lot of calls from numbers similar to yours, it would be a great step to contact your telecom provider to tell them about it. This is because companies may be able to track the origin of the calls themselves, i.e. the original number that changes with the change of target.

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