This is what would happen if the moon was twice as close to the earth as it is today

The moon is our closest neighbor in space and the only place outside the earth that humans have ever set foot on. Without it, life on Earth would not have survived almost. The moon has an orbit around itself and around the earth, known to astronomers who have been studying it since ancient times, but what if the moon approaches, and the distance between it and the earth becomes half of what it is today?

In a report published by Live Science on July 19, Neil Cummins, a physicist at the University of Maine in the United States explained; The Moon's greatest influence is its attraction to the Earth's oceans, which control the tides throughout the day and throughout the year.

But if the moon were closer to the earth half the distance it is today, the tide would be 8 times higher.

Cummins said, some islands will be completely underwater for a large part of the day, and inhabited coasts are also likely to become uninhabitable due to high tide.

Control of earthquakes and volcanoes

The rising tides of the oceans will not be the only consequence of the approaching moon; Scientists believe that the Earth will witness a state of resonance of energy waves across the entire planet, due to the suddenly increased drag force caused by the moon's gravity, which can be likened to striking a bell with a hammer.

Jasmine Scarlett, a historical and social volcanologist at the Queen Mary University of London, believes that this increased gravitational force will actually affect the Earth’s crust, which means that it may lead to more earthquakes, and may lead to more earthquakes from volcanic eruptions.

Along with the changes that will affect the Earth's crust when the moon approaches a distance of about half the distance, it is today; The Earth's rotation will slow down over time. This could be explained by the friction between the ocean floor and the water as a result of the increasing force of the moon's attraction to the oceans; Which leads to slowing the rotation of the Earth gradually.

Cummins believes that the Earth's rotation today slows down by about a thousandth of a second per century.

Given that the moon will cover a larger area than the sky; Scientists are likely to occur more frequent solar eclipses, and the moon which will appear larger at that time - will cover the disk of the sun, which will shine like a halo surrounding the dark silhouette of the moon, and the inhabitants of the Earth will be able to see the moon in all its phases and forms, but it will be much larger than usual.

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