This is why Disney Plus users are complaining about Siri Remote


Some users are complaining that the Disney Plus and HBO Max Apple TV apps do not properly support the new and excellent Siri Remote. Disney Plus has not yet been updated to take advantage of the controller's scroll wheel feature, which works on competing Netflix and Apple TV Plus apps. The HBO Max app has more issues as Screen Times reports, and it lacks support for many remote and voice command features.

It has tested the HBO Max app, and reiterated that it does not appear to support the new remote control, he said. Instead, it can just use the remote control's touchpad circuit, which is technically an element of the remote that you should be able to disable. These issues appear to be caused by the app's recent update, which replaced the standard tvOS playback user interface with a (and seemingly much less capable) version of the HBO version.

It just shows that the owner of the platform can build a solid set of hardware and software to support third-party apps and services, but that doesn't mean anything unless those apps and services actually add support.

The report indicated that Disney Plus and HBO Max have been contacted to see if they are aware of the issues and to see when users can expect a fix.

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