This Lada has changed its engine for a 2JZ and is now a real missile


Despite the fame that it has acquired in recent years, even in the West, with a good amount of crazy preparations, the models of the Russian brand Lada are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a fast and powerful car. . However, this hyper vitaminized Lada Riva has come to show us that you can create a real beast from this affordable Russian sedan, especially if you change its engine for a wild 2JZ-GTE from the fourth-generation Toyota Supra.

572 hp for only 907 kg of weight

Its creator is called Steve and from this Lada sedan model, he has created a kind of super sports version with a striking green body, racing vinyl, Enkei wheels, a ducktail rear wing, racing interior with basketball seats of OMP, removable racing wheel, and a roll cage and above all a mechanics known for its immense potential.

Thus we are faced with a Lada Riva that with its new engine and the help of a Garrett turbocharger, offers about 572 hp of power and 678 Nm of maximum torque. Figures that are already quite serious, and even more so if we consider that this Lada only weighs 907 kg, thanks also to the use of a carbon-fiber roof among other modifications.

And you can also drive through the streets

To manage all this force has a manual gearbox from the Nissan 350Z and the rear axle of a Mustang. To get all the possible performance it has an E85 ethanol fuel mixture together with a Bosch 044 competition external fuel pump.

As Steve himself explains in the same video this Lada uses it in rally tests, and yet, as can also be seen, this model is completely legal to drive on the streets. In fact, it is capable of attracting attention as if it were the best of supercars.

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