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Three steps to record Zoom meetings


Zoom has benefited during 2020 from the covid-19 pandemic. To achieve great success at the global level in the time of the pandemic, Zoom meetings have become a prevalent feature in all institutions, universities, and others, and the nature of these meetings may continue for a longer time.

Online lessons are also considered one of the most important and most prevalent of these uses of Zoom, with studies stopping in many countries despite the gradual opening, so do you know how to record meetings on the famous Zoom application?

In the following report, the complete steps for recording meetings on the Zoom application are presented as follows:

Until recently, you could record lectures from Zoom using an external recording application such as OBS, but after recent updates, Zoom has prevented these recording methods.

The platform can save the recording to a location of your choice on your hard disk or store it in the cloud in the space provided by the service.

Save to hard disk

This is the best way to save recordings because you can easily increase the storage space on your hard drive. You will not need to pay any money or subscribe to any different cloud storage service whatsoever, so we recommend this method for those who register permanently. In order to save the recording to the hard disk, you must follow these steps:

You must first check if the selection is enabled from within Zoom, by going to the settings menu and then choosing recordings from the list at the top, and then activating the selection of local recordings, according to the ait technical website. In order to activate this feature, you must be the group manager or the person responsible for the company's account.

When you start the meeting that you want to record, you will find a circle at the bottom called Recording, and after you click on it, you will see the choice of storage to this device or cloud storage if you wish. After the meeting is over, you can access the recorded meetings via a folder on your computer called Zoom.

You can also access the recordings through the ZOOM desktop app. ZOOM records meetings as video or audio recording only. Register to cloud storage services. By default, the ZOOM platform provides up to 1GB of cloud storage space, and you cannot use external cloud storage services. This means that you need to buy more storage space if that space runs out, and additional spaces start at $40 a month for 100GB.

Register by phone

You can also record meetings over the phone, and you can access this option by clicking on More options. And then choose Record or Record to Cloud to get started, but note that the recording spaces are large, and they take up your phone space.

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