Three-wheel electric scooter Microletta can travel 100 km without recharging


Simultaneously with the production version of the Microlino 2.0 miniature electric vehicle, Micro presented another electric vehicle at the IAA Mobility in Munich. This is the Microletta three-wheel electric scooter.

As conceived by the designers, the presence of two front wheels will provide additional stability. At the same time, due to the inclinations in the corners, the same driving sensations will be provided as on a two-wheeled scooter. The maximum speed of the scooter is stated to be 80 km / h, the power reserve on one charge is 100 km.

So far Microletta is just a concept, but it can become a serial product if the company develops successfully. It is noteworthy that more than 5,000 people have registered to be the first to buy a three-wheeled electric scooter if its release begins.

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