Tik Tok makes longer videos available to everyone


It seems that the TikTok platform is about to get even longer, as the application is now working to provide the ability to post videos of up to three minutes, three times the current limit of one minute.

The new increase aims to give content creators more flexibility while shooting and reduce the need for multi-part posts. Videos of at least three minutes duration have been tested since December. And it was easy to watch when scrolling through the videos of the most important content creators on the platform.

Longer videos were restricted to specific users. But it is now rolling out to everyone on the platform in the coming weeks. The platform did not say to what extent long clips might affect the recommendations algorithm. But it is worth considering the potential similarities with YouTube.

As the platform has grown, YouTube has biased its algorithms toward keeping viewers. This means longer videos. That's why almost everything on YouTube is more than 10 minutes long now. Tik Tok may not follow the same approach. But if longer videos turn out to increase platform usage, we might see fewer short, quick clips.

Meanwhile, the platform has removed nearly 62 million videos for violating the rules. The short video platform said it removed nearly 62 million videos in the first three months of the year for violating its guidelines, as it seeks to address security and privacy concerns.

The company explained in a report issued on its website that these videos represent less than 1 percent of the total posted on the platform and fall under categories such as nudity, sex, bullying, and hateful behavior. TikTok, which is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, added that about 8.5 million removals were made from the United States.

The company has released transparency reports since 2019, after its platform, popular with teens, came under scrutiny over issues with content and privacy that also prompted some countries to ban the app. The platform, which has enhanced security and privacy features to retain users, opened a content moderation center in its Los Angeles office last year to enhance transparency.

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