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TikTok CEO Zhou Shouzi satirizes Musk

TikTok CEO Zhou Shouzi hinted that Elon Musk and Twitter are embarking on a dangerous path. Zhou Shouzi was asked today at the Bloomberg Innovation Economy Forum whether TikTok could still operate effectively if it fired half of its employees like Twitter under Musk. In response to the question, Zhou Shouzi emphasized the importance of investing in enough staff to handle content moderation and security.

Zhou Shouzi said with a smile, I hope that day never comes. The way we are organized, we don’t need to cut half of our workforce to achieve the level of efficiency we want to achieve. When pressed on whether TikTok could be run with half its current staff, he turned the conversation to the value of proper staffing. TikTok has tens of thousands of employees working on content moderation. For many technology companies, including us, one of the biggest teams is your trust and security team. If you want this platform to be a very secure platform, it's definitely worth the investment.


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