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TikTok's global daily activity has exceeded the 1 billion mark

According to the Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily from insiders of ByteDance, just now, Tiktok's global daily active users (DAU) exceeded 1 billion. The aforementioned person said that the move once triggered an online user login alert, and developers temporarily expanded the capacity to allow new users to access.

There were only four apps with a global daily activity exceeding 1 billion before Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and YouTube, while WeChat's daily activity was around 900 million.

Another report from E-commerce Daily, TikTok has set a goal of exceeding 1.05 billion global daily active users (DAU) by the end of 2022. TikTok’s current global penetration rate is less than 20%, while Douyin’s domestic penetration rate is close to 54%. If it reaches a global penetration rate of 54%, TikTok will increase by more than 2 billion daily lives around the world.


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