Tips for renting a car: How to avoid problems?

Holidays are undoubtedly the dates chosen by most users to choose a rental car, both for trips within Spain and abroad. In most cases, it is rented over the Internet given the ease of doing it this way and the advantage of having price comparators.

From the Organization of Consumers and Users OCU, they point out some tips for renting a car, in relation to the moment of taking it as when the contract is formalized. In the first case, these aspects must be taken into account:

  • Make sure that the contract includes at least the basic information about the vehicle, the insurance coverage, with its exclusions, excesses, etc. Also specific details of the rental, number, and identification of the drivers, duration, price, deposit and form of payment and others related to the withdrawal and return of the car, such as the conditions in which it is delivered and returned if there are damages or the exact place of return.

  • It must be indicated if there is any other detail that is freely agreed between the parties.

  • Before leaving the rental office, check the car well to verify the state in which it is delivered (body, lights, wheels, upholstery). If there is any incident, it must be reported before moving it.

  • When it is returned, you must accompany the employee during the review of the vehicle's condition and ask for a document indicating the level of gasoline in the tank and that the car is free of visible damage.

Once the contract is formalized, they will ask for the credit card, but these aspects must be taken into account.

  • Although they will not charge for the service until the car is returned, the card serves to sign the authorization of the rental charge and secure the deposit.

  • They should not charge the amount of the deposit if there is no damage to the vehicle and if the gas tank is full if this is indicated in the contract.

  • You have to check that they charge only what corresponds.

  • If you need any extras such as a child seat, the delivery of the vehicle in a certain place or that you can return it in another, or include an additional driver, it must be indicated because they are extras that will affect the final price.

  • Finally, it must be clear that traffic and parking fines are always paid by the user.

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