To remove sensitive data from your smartphone photos


Many seek to find applications that help them hide or remove sensitive information from photos or videos captured through their smartphones. When sharing photos on your smartphone, sensitive image information may be shared...Here is a way to avoid these risks

The metadata, which cameras and smartphones usually automatically write into image files, is useful for organizing and archiving it later. However, an issue arises when sharing photos by transferring such sensitive information about the date, time, and location of the photo to everyone the photo is shared with.

The Scrambled Exif app, which works with Google's Android operating system, can solve this problem. When you want to share an image, the share icon is clicked, as usual, then the application is selected, which quickly scans the metadata and displays the sharing dialog again so that you can click the application, to which the image should actually go.

The Scrambled Exif application is an open-source application, and it is available in a free version and a paid version on the Google Play Store. The Scrambled Exif app can also be found on the F-Droid alternative app store.

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