Tobacco heating technology is a real innovation away from burning

Alternative tobacco products are an innovation that contributes to making a fundamental change that leads to drawing a smoke-free future, especially products that rely on heating tobacco, so it detects burning, thus reducing levels of harmful or potentially harmful chemicals.

Science has played a pivotal role in creating smoke-free alternatives, and when looking closely at the smoking process, one will find that traditional cigarettes, when consumed, produce smoke containing nicotine and a large number of harmful chemicals, given their compounds and the combustion process adopted in them. Contrary to the erroneous belief that nicotine has many damages, it is the chemical elements resulting from burning tobacco that bear the brunt of the harmful effects of smoking. Since these products are smoke-free, and rely on heating instead of burning, they emit steam instead of smoke, which contributes to preserving the purity of air in closed spaces, and thus non-smokers avoid the so-called passive smoking, in addition to eliminating the smell of cigarettes. traditional.

To better explain it; When a cigarette is lit from conventional cigarettes, it immediately begins to burn at a temperature of 600 degrees Celsius or more due to ignition, while in contrast, when the tobacco heating system is consumed, the electronic heating system in it works to heat to a certain temperature without burning it, with levels Much less harmful chemicals compared to conventional cigarettes, which are produced with nicotine-containing aerosols.

A group of specialists stressed during a virtual symposium recently held in Bulgaria on electronic cigarettes and alternative products to traditional cigarettes, that electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products are considered a better alternative than traditional products, due to the decrease in their toxic and harmful components to the user to more than 90% compared to traditional ones. This is due to the difference in the chemistry adopted in this and that, in addition to the absence of the combustion process in the new alternatives and its replacement by the process of heating tobacco at a temperature much lower than the temperature required for the combustion process of tobacco in traditional cigarettes.

While the alternative products that rely on heating with natural tobacco offer a sensory experience similar to the taste and flavor of nicotine for adult smokers, today they constitute a bridge for millions of people around the world to cross to obtain an auxiliary means as alternatives to traditional cigarettes for those who do not wish to quit.

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