Touching messages from Lucy to the mysterious Trojan planets

In the 1970s, NASA launched four spacecraft with flights that were considered the first of their kind in history outside our solar system, and they were the first human-made devices to go out into the unknown space.

In this regard, a scientific magazine highlighted in a lengthy article published today, Tuesday, the group of messages that were included by the American space agency “NASA” onboard its vehicles, especially the new “Lucy” vehicle, which will carry recorded messages of famous public figures, revealing the parties that targeted it. Agency with its messages.

The four vehicles, or probes, carried messages on board, in the form of electronic boards and records, targeting at the time any non-human astronauts who might one day find these spacecraft in the future.

A new vehicle will carry a recorded video message to the “Trojan” asteroids

According to the sources, the new "NASA" spacecraft, which will be named "Lucy", which will begin its adventure outside our solar system, will carry video files of public figures.

Astronomers call “Trojan” planets or “Trojan horses” the small asteroids or moons that accompany a larger planet or moon as it orbits the sun.

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