Toyota GR 86 becomes a beast with Gazoo Racing parts


A few months ago, Toyota finally revealed to us the new generation of its most compact and affordable rear-wheel-drive sports car, created together with Subaru and with the BRZ as a cousin. We are talking of course about the Toyota GR 86, an interesting rear-wheel-drive two-seater that, like the rest of its brothers in the Gazoo Racing Family, is also going to dress up with a whole collection of parts and accessories for its body, perfect for all those who design this new sports car is not very aggressive.

Because the new body kits that Toyota has already shown in Japan give the GR 86 a completely new look. Undoubtedly the model that stands out the most is the so-called GR Parts Concept, made up of parts such as a prominent new front splitter that merges with the pieces that accompany the air intakes and that contrast perfectly with the white bodywork that this unit carries.

Racing essence to beat Supra

We also find new fenders that widen the body by 43 mm, side skirts and gills, new 19-inch wheels of exclusive design, and especially a rear one with a gigantic rear spoiler, a monstrous diffuser with four pieces coming out of the underbody. as blades and just above two pairs of exhaust outlets with sports silencers that also provide a much more intense soundtrack.

If this aspect seems too much for you, Gazoo Racing also shows a second example with the name of GR Parts Customization Concept, which is presented as a light version of the previous model, changing parts such as the rear wing for a much more elegant spoiler, and dispensing with the widened fenders, in addition to showing a much more conventional front.

Also improving their behavior

Beyond these improvements in the body, Toyota Gazoo Racing has also installed in both proposals other parts that improve their performance, such as more powerful brake calipers, a lowered suspension with adjustable shock absorbers, wider high-performance tires and other parts that allow improving its stiffness. The interior also receives its corresponding dose of novelties with new decorative panels that imitate carbon fiber for a more sporty touch, darkened glass, or a cover for the keys.

Regarding its engine, no details have been given about possible improvements, so for the moment, we continue to have a 2.4-liter naturally aspirated boxer engine that as standard offers a power of 235 HP and 250 Nm of maximum torque, with which it is capable of doing a 0 to 100 km / h in just 6.3 seconds.

At the moment Toyota has not given details about when these new parts will be launched to strengthen its GR 86, nor if they will be available outside of Japan.

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