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Toyota GR 86 HKS: Supercharging with Japanese mastery


The new Toyota sports car makes its debut in the world of preparations with one of the most respected Japanese companies in this field

We met him just a few months ago as that long-awaited return of the famous affordable sports car from Toyota and Subaru, but the new Toyota GR 86 already has its first preparation, and it is not just any. Because the one in charge of promoting the new member of the Toyota Gazoo Racing family has been none other than the famous Japanese company HKS, an expert firm in preparing the wildest Toyota of competition.

The formula is known in the latest Gazoo Racing

Now it is the turn of the Toyota GR 86, which in this first presentation video is already shown with its new and sporty suit that gives it a more muscular and aggressive body, a large rear wing, and many other aerodynamic parts convert the compact Japanese sports car. in a registrable racing car.

New special wheels will not be missing from the menu, nor will an improved suspension that allows improving its performance together with a lighter exhaust system that will also contribute to increasing its power.

Supercharged performance

Although the part mainly in charge of this is going to be a supercharger kit that will allow it to take its 2.0-liter four-cylinder boxer engine beyond the 235 hp and 250 Nm of maximum torque that it currently offers. To get an idea of ​​what we can expect with the previous generation, about 302 hp and 316 Nm of maximum torque were released.

At the moment HKS has advanced the preparation with this video, although it is expected that it will soon show more images and details about what will be the first preparation on the new Toyota GR 86.

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