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Toyota GR Yaris Morizo ​​Selection: Constant evolution, only for Japan


Toyota's most desired sports car is reinforced with a series of mechanical, software, and technology adjustments that will allow it to evolve with its driver. We have been enjoying the Toyota GR Yaris in Spain for almost a year now, where its formula has already shown more than one that it is almost perfect. However, Toyota itself shows us that this small supercar can still be improved, because it has launched a new version called Toyota GR Yaris Morizo ​​Selection exclusively for the Japanese market. A name that comes precisely from the alter ego in the form of a pilot of Toyota's boss, Akio Toyoda himself.

Evolving with your driver

Toyota presents it as a high-performance model capable of evolving with its driver, a statement of intent that makes clear Toyota's ambition in this version. And how are you going to do it? Well, offering all its customers constant updates via software through its Kinto subscription service, which will allow the sports car to improve more and more. As explained these performance updates will be regular from 2022 and will allow improving the handling, steering, and braking of the model.

In addition to these software updates, this Toyota GR Yaris Morizo ​​Selection also receives mechanical improvements for which it will still be necessary to approach the workshop, in addition to offering individual functions according to the data of each client to make that idea of that the car evolves in tune with the driver.

Special competition-inspired aesthetics

However, beyond these promised improvements in the medium and long term, the GR Yaris Morizo ​​Selection will already have a series of factory improvements, as it is based on the high-performance RZ version, which includes a new intercooler, Michelin Pilot wheels. Sport 4S, limited-slip differentials, and a series of new aesthetics inspired by the Rookie Racing team, which precisely competes with racing models of the Toyota GR Yaris. These details will translate into new logos and different colored stitching, even the coil springs, and shock absorbers will have a new look.

Unfortunately, this Toyota GR Yaris Morizo ​​Selection will only be available to Japanese customers, who can enjoy the updated service of this model through Kinto for a price of 54,340 yen per month, about 408 euros to change.

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