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Toyota is forced to suspend production of the latest Land Cruiser 300, Land Cruiser Prado...etc

Toyota has confirmed that it is forced to suspend production of its newest SUV, the Toyota Land Cruiser 300, which just went on sale. The reason, as is the case with other manufacturers, is the banal shortage of microcircuits, which has reached record levels. As we reported just yesterday, back in August, the period between placing an order for semiconductor products and receiving the finished product increased to 21 weeks. In addition, another wave of coronavirus was recorded in the Asian region, which also affected the production of spare parts.

The source adds that the Japanese manufacturer will in total stop 27 Toyota plants, which assemble not only the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 but also the Land Cruiser Prado, Corolla, and Corolla Cross. Most factories will be shut down for several days, but production of the Land Cruiser 300 will stop for a full two weeks.

The demand for the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 turned out to be huge, and some versions offer buyers to wait up to 4 years.

The domestic automobile manufacturer AvtoVAZ suspended car production in Togliatti in August. The Volvo plant was also shut down.

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