Toyota Prius next model will be announced within 2021 at the earliest


Toyota Prius has become synonymous with hybrid cars. The scoop site Spyder7 has obtained information on the next model. We anticipate the design that will attract attention along with the powertrain, and when it will appear.

The first-generation Prius was launched in 1997 as the world's first mass-produced hybrid vehicle. In the second generation of 2003, the body style was significantly changed to a 5-door fastback. Armed with overwhelming fuel efficiency, the Prius brand has established its unwavering popularity, especially in Japan and North America.

In the 3rd generation of 2009, the body size was increased and the engine displacement was increased. Continued to monopolize the top sales ranking. It is also a topic that PHV (plug-in hybrid) was set for the first time. The current model is the 4th generation and has been on sale since 2015.

And it is the next generation that will be the 5th generation. According to information obtained by Spyder7, the world premiere is expected to be in 2021 at the earliest and in 2022 at the latest. In 2018, Toyota's senior management said that it is necessary to find a new direction for the next model, and it seems that it will be a bold shift.

Although it is a noteworthy powertrain, it is rumored that only the PHV of the 1.8-liter in-line 4-cylinder + updated electric motor is set. As for safety equipment, the latest generation Toyota Safety Sense is standard equipment, and multiple sensors and millimeter-wave radar ensure the safety of drivers and passengers.

There is no definitive information about the design, but the body size will be increased. Whether it will be a low and wide sporty style that extrudes aerodynamic performance, or a high riding model that incorporates trendy SUV elements. This time, Spyder7 predicted the design based on the high riding style.

It has been changed to a high lift & one motion type high riding coupe style, and a sharp character line is placed throughout from the front to the rear. The tire housing also has a newly designed bulge, emphasizing the powerful feeling.

A V-shaped design from the bonnet to the grill is adopted, and the headlights create a sense of the future with a new design that connects the fine triple beam to the A-pillar. A vertical LED is placed on the diffuser. The under-grill has been enlarged and the skirt has an under guard to make it an exterior that seems to be a high riding model.

The Prius has been a leader in the hybrid market so far, but in the future, it is likely to play a leading role in the market as a pioneer in electrified vehicles including EVs and PHVs. The next-generation Prius that the world is paying attention to. We will send you to scoop information as soon as the latest information is available.


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