Toyota Supra 35th Anniversary Special Edition: Japan Only


Launched back in 2019, the Toyota Supra has been around long enough to have received a few special versions. One of the most famous is the so-called Jarama Racetrack Edition, in honor of the Madrid track. This was created for European markets with only 90 units available, however, the Japanese also wanted to receive their own version.

And precisely taking advantage of the 35th Anniversary of the life of the Toyota Supra, the Japanese firm has launched the Toyota Supra 35th Anniversary Special Edition, an exclusive edition for Japanese lands that, as on other occasions, bets more on offering a series of aesthetic details than on improving performance.

With exclusive colors and finishes

Thus, this 35th Anniversary Special Edition is presented with exclusive 19-inch forged alloy wheels with a matte black finish, mirror caps in the same color, red brake calipers.

At the color level, we find five different options in addition to the so-called Lightning Yellow (in images), while in the interior it is committed to upholstery in Alcantara and leather and sports pedals in aluminum, as well as a carbon finish for the console central.

In the case of the version with the six-cylinder engine, completely red leather upholstery is added in addition to including wireless charging, while on the outside there is an exclusive color Matte Storm Gray.

70 copies in total

In total, Toyota will manufacture 35 units of the version with a four-cylinder engine, with a price of 6,535,000 yen, about 50,224 euros to change, and another 35 for the six-cylinder that for its part will be available for about 7,835,000 yen, 60,227 euros to change. Apparently, its demand will be so high for such a limited supply that Toyota will randomly choose in a lottery the customers who will be able to get one of these exclusive models.

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