Toyota unveils the BZ4X concept car and reviews the company's new strategy


Toyota recently announced a new strategy to develop a new generation of electric cars that will be launched in the market until 2025, and the company also unveiled the new electric vehicle BZ4X.

Toyota is one of the leading companies in the electric car industry, but the company has retreated since the fall of last year, to lead the competitors in the market, and today Toyota puts a new strategy to return and compete strongly in the electric car market.

Toyota showed a model of a new electric car at the Shanghai Motor Show recently, which was titled BZ4X, as this model is a new starting point for the company with the Beyond Zero trademark, but the company did not provide clearer details about the specifications of this model, as it confirmed its plans. To launch the car in the Chinese market and Japanese market later this year.

Toyota also confirms that the company is preparing to issue 70 models of cars until 2025, provided that the new generation of cars will include models distinguished by electric batteries, others that come with hydrogen fuel cells, and other models distinguished by a gas and electric hybrid design, as part of the company's strategy to support users With a variety of options in the next generation of cars.

Toyota also confirmed that the next generation of cars is being developed by the company in cooperation with Subaru to support cars with a flexible platform. The company also clarified that the BZ4X model is based on the e-TNGA platform, which includes a set of features including the steering system, four-wheel drive, a vision improvement system, And a regenerated brake system.

Toyota also indicated its plans to launch the BZ4X to global markets in mid-2022, and the pictures of the car show the completion of the exterior and interior design almost, as the interior includes a screen in the steering wheel to improve the driver's field of vision.

The interior also includes a screen in the middle of the interface, which comes with a floating design to the top of the steering wheel, and the interface also includes a number of physical buttons in the middle of the interface.

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