Trailer for Total War: Warhammer III reveals the Great Kataj

The Great Kataj is a country that lives in harmony with the outside world. In the great plan of the Heavenly Dragon Emperor, each soldier knows his place. This perfect combination of purpose and will, known as the harmony of stone and steel, is reflected in the discipline of the dragon armies.

Legendary nobles

The Great Kataj is one of the oldest and most powerful civilizations in the world of Warhammer, which has hardly changed in thousands of years. It is ruled by the children of the Heavenly Dragon Emperor, ancient and powerful beings who can take on human form and master the mystical magical teachings known as Yin and Yang.

Storm Dragon Miao Ying rules North Kataji and commands the armies of the Great Fortress. This cold and measured queen has ruled the northern provinces for centuries, ever since her father, Heavenly Dragon Emperor, entrusted her with their defense.

The Zhao Ming Iron Dragon rules Western Kataja and the Heavenly Path, which leads to the Mourning Mountains. This seasoned border warrior protects the western part of the empire and keeps the desert clans under control. Even if other dragons question his common sense.

Race game style

If we were to describe Kataj in one word, it would be "harmony." The Katai dragons, and with them their armies, are beings of order who seek balance in everything - including the way war is waged.

Although the Dragon Emperor's armies are inherently defensive and built to defend their positions and crush enemies with concentrated defense and fire, the most important element of their war effort is the ability to fight as one effective organism. The longer the troops can maintain harmony on the battlefield, the better bonuses they will unlock.

Overview of the army

As Kataj is one of the most technologically advanced nations in the Old World, his war machine can rely on many of the most brutal and deadly units that have ever existed. The core of the army consists of master soldiers such as the steadfast Jade Warriors and the elite Guardian of the Heavenly Dragon, who receive devastating support from the titanic terracotta guards, the masterfully made Wu-Xing war compass, and the etheric great riders on the longmas.

And how does Zing fan Jiří Neuberg see the chances in the fight against Chaos?

In the fantasy world of Warhammer, the Great Kataj extends in the Far East of the World, far beyond the snowy plains of the kingdom of Kislev, beyond the Dark Lands. The north of this ancient empire with an impressive military force is protected by the Wall - the Great Bastion. The east is bordered by the plague, where far beyond the islands of the Nippon Empire lies Naggaroth, with a heart full of lust of apostate Druchii. However, even for this power, also known as the Realm of the Heavenly Dragon, the arrival of Chaos is a test. After all, even here, in the year 1200, in the city of Beichai, the nobility succumbed to Chi'an Chi, the god of Chaos, through a dark cult, but he is known in the Old World as Tzeentch. But if a country can save the world, it is this realm of the Heavenly Dragon Emperor and the Moon Empress.

The game will be released for PC at the beginning of 2022, you can order it in Xzone.

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