Transferring WhatsApp chats is finally possible between Android and iPhone


The team of the popular messenger WhatsApp has finally completed testing and announced the launch of a feature that users have been waiting for for years - transferring chat history between devices based on Android and iOS operating systems.

The function of transferring chat history between smartphones with competing operating systems will be available in the coming weeks. At the first stage, users will be able to transfer conversations from iPhone to Samsung smartphones with Android 10 and newer OS versions, and vice versa. Not only text messages are transferred, but also voice messages and images.

Users of the new Galaxy Z Fold3 and Flip3 smartphones will be the first to join the innovation. The WhatsApp team made the highly anticipated announcement at today's Galaxy Unpacked launch.

Regarding the fact that the usual for other messengers function was so delayed in WhatsApp, the developers explained that it was difficult to implement due to "end-to-end encryption", and the creation of a reliable and secure system required efforts not only from WhatsApp but also OS developers and manufacturers.

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