Twitter competes with Club House with new features


Twitter, the owner of the world's most famous micro-blogging application, announced the addition of new features to the application in order to enhance and support audio spaces in its competition with other applications, the most important of which is the clubhouse.

Twitter is currently testing a new option that would allow hosts of audio rooms Spaces to add topic tags to rooms; Which helps to maximize access. The company is now trying to focus more on audio rooms, with the addition of a dedicated tab and new highlighting tools, in an effort to boost it after the Fleets feature failed, and the company had to cancel it 8 months after its launch.

The platform is also focused on improving the discovery of voice interaction on its platform via the Spaces feature, ensuring that each user is alerted to the most relevant voice chats aligned with their own interests.

When creating an audio room, hosts can soon add up to three discussion topics, which then highlight that room to users interested in those topics. This can be a key step, depending on what people find with the live broadcast.

Giving everyone the ability to stream at any time can have great communication and engagement benefits, but once everyone is able to stream, the overall quality drops very quickly.

And it can be hard for people to sift through the stream to find anything relevant to the experience. This is one of the main criticisms leveled at Clubhouse recently, that the gradual expansion of access to the app has resulted in too many rooms. This made it nearly impossible to find relevant and quality broadcasts within the app.

Twitter’s Spaces feature faces the same risk. While you need to rely on algorithms to highlight the most relevant rooms for each user, adding topics could be another way to filter broadcasts, discovering the best live discussions to listen to at any time.

Twitter and Club House took the more general path; This enhances the discoverability of each chat but leads to more issues as the view increases and the need for efficient sorting increases.


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