Twitter complies with India's new IT rules


Twitter has complied with India's new IT laws, with the government confirming the Delhi High Court that the social network has now met all requirements of the country's content monitoring rules.

The new rules state that important social media brokers platforms with more than 5 million users must appoint a Contract Officer, Compliance Officer, and Grievance Officer based in India.

While the company had a temporary grievance officer based in India, there were no other permanent appointments until last month. In July, the social network appointed Vinay Prakash as a resident grievance officer, in addition to this, it has also appointed a colonel and compliance officer in the past two weeks.

Employees in these positions will likely be tasked with addressing public concerns raised about content hosted on the platform, as well as steps such as banning users or content.

Twitter has faced a lot of scrutiny for its non-compliance with new IT rules over the past few months, and at one point, it also faced the risk of losing its safe harbor protection.

Due to this non-compliance, then the police in several states filed complaints against the platform, and the head of Twitter India, Manish Maheshwari, for allegedly failing to control hate speech.


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